Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Off-season Moves

We need everything except a quarter back, a linebacking core, and a long snapper which is simply a miserable realization. The idea that Leonarde Fournette could be on the board is extremely appealing to the Eagles, including high ceiling WR's like Corey Davis or Mike Williams. We, as of now, have the 14th pick in the draft and have to take advantage of the generous spot and get some real taken this year in order to grow.

However, overall the most work that can be done will be done in the free agency market. Although free agent LeVeon Bell is available, there is no way he is going to hit the open market without a tag. Then again, Eddie Lacy is also an available option that is slightly more realistic. But in that case we have to keep him healthy and make sure he stays at weight.

The WR options on the market are going to be huge with the hiring of WR coach Mike Groh. He has coached incredible talent such as Alshon Jeffery and Kenny Stills, which both actually hit the market this year. However, both of them are going to be fetching relatively high prices considering Kenny will certainly be leaving the Dolphins, and if Alshon does come out of Chicago, it will be for the money.

Our line needs some work but the prospects and players in free agency and the draft aren't the best quality and we certainly can wait on both sides of the ball for our lineman.

Overall there will need to be a lot of moves the Eagles need in order to prosper in the 2018 season. The fact with this mediocre team and a rookie quarterback we almost had a .500 season? Which should of been significantly better considering we had the most losses by any team within seven points. Is astounding to me, and as an Eagles fan, we are sure to have high hopes for many years to come.

We will be keeping up with updates throughout the off season including coach moves, releases, signings, and most importantly the draft that is in our home town.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Redskins Rematch

Okay...Okay. Here is what needs to happen. This is the one game this season that actually matters as of now. The Redskins are the real team that needs to keep losing and we need to keep winning in order for even a sliver of a chance at playoffs. This game is the real deciding factor for the Eagles hopes this year. So Doug, it needs to happen in case I don't say it enough.

I swear, if Wentz throws more than 35 passes? I’ve lost all faith in our offense. It’s getting really bad and we can’t keep trying the same thing and hope one of these games stick. We need a running game stat. I don’t care if it’s 3 yards a carry by any of them, we need to keep pounding the rock so the defense at least thinks we may rush every now and then. When all teams have to do is chill in zone, send 3 guys, have our receivers suck at getting open, and then have Wentz throw it away? Yeah, it’s a pretty simple defensive scheme against the Eagles. Now, when they think we may rush once in a blue moon? That changes everything for them and adds these new plays that give Wentz a chance to do anything with the ball. Our o-line needs to step up a little as well. Ryan Kerrigan pushed through them like they weren’t even there it was that horrible. Not to mention when Chris Baker (probably one of the most hated men in Philly after his incident with Foles back in the day) gets a sack on our franchise quarterback, there is a problem. I’m not even gonna comment on our WR’s , they know what they have to do by now. But, just in case...use your hands, and close them when the ball comes, okay?

Our defense on the other hand needs to meet the Redskins offense because they have a lot more weapons that most would account for. Jordan Reed, Kirk Cousins, Robert Kelly who bowled over our entire offense last game, D-Jax, Jamison Crowder showed up this year, and Pierre Garcon can never be left out. In case you didn’t read all of them, that’s a lot of names you see there and not a whole lot of talent to square up against them. But, the Eagles clearly have the potential to stop a team like this (Flashback to the Falcons and Steelers games). They will need to channel their inner zen from those games, and have them on full blast this week. We have lost enough Philly, it’s about time and DEFENSE wins championships. Malcolm Jenkins, Nolan Carroll, Jordan Hicks, Rodney McCleod we need you so bad gentleman. Show us why you are here and especially Fletcher, you need to prove you're worth that huge contract you were granted. That’s a lot of guaranteed money that changed how contracts are seen among “star” players making “Von Miller Money.” Step up.

Now, I’m not one to lose faith in Philadelphia. They always find a way to get it done, though not always how we planned. However, I am not okay with back to back 7-9 seasons coach, you need to pull this team to a minimal 8-8 season or even better, make playoffs. This game determines that, so make sure we can pull out a W.

Andy Dalton's Field Day

Guys really? That is not the Philadelphia team I have come to love since I was really young. There was no fight, there was no heart, this is just a throwback to the lackadaisical play from last year. But, I’ll hold in the rant for now and just speak upon stats.

So you know how I said they need to establish the run? As it turns out they probably read my post, but then thought it was opposite day or something. 60 PASSING ATTEMPTS. I don’t think there has been that many attempts by a quarterback this season, and the “record” was broken by a rookie who isn’t supposed to do that ever! Come on Doug, we know already that you weren’t that great of a QB in your career, but you shouldn’t be living out your hay day through Carson. He doesn’t deserve it and it is certainly hindering his progress throughout the season. Granted I am not blaming Wentz for his picks. The score book doesn’t take into account that 2 of them were tipped or picked a the line which our offensive line needs to handle. 308 yards and a TD isn’t bad, but it still came along with way too many passing attempts. 16 attempts for the rushing attack is ridiculous honestly, and Smallwood couldn’t have under performed anymore. 8 attempts for 19 yards. If you think that’s bad? If you consider his longest run being for 9 yards, he rushed 7 times for 10 yards. Which simply isn’t acceptable. You can certainly praise Paul Turner for his really good stat line, but you also have to consider all of his yards were in garbage time. Though you can’t deny that he can catch, which is something the Eagles need in a receiver right now.

Our defense i don’t think has shown up to a game since the Falcons game. The only 3 players we could really see on the field were Nigel Bradham, Bennie Logan, and Brandon Graham who all had attempts to pay defense Nigel and Bennie both had forced fumbles, and Graham had 2 tackles for a loss. The secondary was picked apart play by play and drive by drive as they stormed down the field almost every possession. The Eagles made Andy Dalton look like a pro bowl player,  which he certainly isn’t. He posted a 130 passer rating, which is his highest all season. The one real highlight was Kenjon Barner ripping the Bengals special teams to shreds, returning 2 kicks for 44 yards a piece. Which stands to reason the offense probably should've capitalized on that field position. Which of course they didn’t they had 60 passing attempts that went nowhere.

Birds and Bengals

The Eagles are looking at a great match up this week against the injury stricken Bengals who are missing their two top offensive weapons in AJ Green, and Giovani Bernard. Cincinnati has been struggling of late of course, but the Eagles tend to give up a lot to cold streak teams.

The Eagles offense needs to be kicked into overdrive and get the run going asap. It’s getting to the point where they are playing from behind so much they resort to passing and can’t establish the run. Ryan Mathews is questionable for the game meaning we may see a lot more from Smallwood and Sproles. However, the problem with the run game this week is going to be the stellar Bengals D-Line starring Geno Atkins. Jason Kelce will have to pop up pretty quick after the snap to hold off the big man run stopper. As for our receiving core? It’s Turner time and we all will be looking forward to see what our new slot guy will do. Then again looking at our receivers, we are starting 2 rookies that we called up from the practice squad, Jordan is hurt, and Agholor is just awful. So don’t expect much from them this week anyway with their youth and lack of knowledge of the playbook. I can see Wentz throwing a pick or two because of their route running miscues.

Shwartz. We need you this week man. We need you to pump up this defense like you did in the first 3 weeks and get them back on track. I mean come on, we have the talent, they just keep getting burnt. For your information, yes, you do in fact need a QB spy even against someone like Andy Dalton. So for the fans sake, please put Hicks in the middle and keep him there so Dalton can’t go outside the pocket for too long. Now let’s be honest it should be an easy week on D, because they lost a lot of key players already. Their #1 WR and RB are benched due to injury which will surely benefit the Eagles this week. That doesn’t mean we can sleep on them though. Jeremy Hill has had blow up games before and this new Burkhead kid has torn up defenses for huge runs before. Not to mention the wily veteran Brandon Lafell has no problem getting open, Boyd has taken over as Green’s replacement and has shined doing so, and Tyler Eifert was a pro bowl tight end last year so they have the potential.

The Eagles really need to get out of this slump of theirs pronto. It is getting ridiculous and earlier seasons top 5 defense needs to show up again against the star starved Bengals. I’m not saying it will be a win this week for sure, but I am saying the Eagles should play like their playoff hopes are on the line (which they are).

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Eagles take the L at the Linc (Packers v. Eagles)

Let me start this post off by saying that officiating in the NFL has been terrible. Not just against the Eagles, even though there were a remarkable amount of questionable calls that went in the Packers favor on Monday. Between push-offs and unreliable roughing the passer penalties, it was a very frustrating game to watch as many fans have come to realize the referee inconsistency.

Believe me, I for one love Doug Pederson as our coach. The fact he has dominated the time of possession across the entire NFL is amazing, but he needs to make a few changes going forward. For starters Carson Wentz can’t have almost 40 passes every game as a rookie. He can’t and it is difficult to learn from fire in the NFL. There needs to be a rushing presence, more than just Wentz anyway. I understand our #1 Matthews was hurt and that’s fine, but that does not mean you can just give up on the rushing attack. 14 attempts? Really? There are running backs in the NFL that get 14 attempts by themselves in one half! That’s just ridiculous and it needs to be fixed Doug. Wentz never hit paydirt in the air and had one pick, probably one of his worst performances of his rookie career passing. He did get 6 once for a rush which he was 2nd on the team for rushing with 4 attempts and 33 yards, just barely behind the 9 attempts and 37 yards from Wendell Smallwood which is just awful. Come on guys, from 5th on the power rankings to 25th in a single season. Wow…

Now onto our Shwartz squad that couldn't of underperformed any better. Like really? The Green Bay packers were coming of of 4 consecutive losses and the Eagles defense didn’t show up to keep it that way. Rodgers tossed 2 td’s on 313 passing yards most of which to Davante Adams who spiked this year. I’ll cut the D some slack with the terrible officiating, but that doesn’t happen EVERY play. Fletcher Cox has been absent since week 2 not getting a single sack since then so his “pro bowl” contract was as of now a complete waste. Nolan Carroll needs to learn to look around a little faster and that’s one less touchdown for the Packers that ends up in an Eagles possession. Of which could have completely changed the result of the game throwing Rodgers into a slump and not tearing apart our secondary. 74 yards given up rushing isn’t awful, but Rodgers also shouldn’t have 6 attempts for 26 yards. Everyone in the NFL knows you need to spy him and that is exactly what Shwartz didn’t do.

The Eagles have a make-or-break game coming up against the Seahawks and they need to get out of this ridiculous losing streak pronto if they want everyone to hop back on the Wentz Wagon pulled by the SproleTrain.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Eagles fall to 5-5

Sunday's matchup against the Seahawks really sums up how the 2016 season has gone for Philly. It was constant mistakes on both sides of the ball, especially with wide receivers Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor each dropping a pass. Agholor also cost the Eagles a Touchdown, lining up of the line of scrimmage for an illegal formation call.

QB Carson Wentz didn't have the best day throwing the ball with 2 interceptions on the day and only 218 passing yards. He also didn't get any help from the defense who looked very weak all game to say the least.

At this point in the season what we can hope for is a slim chance at the wildcard spot but other than that theres really not much else.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Eagles Seahawks Preview

Though it is only week 11 the Philadelphia Eagles match-up vs the Seattle Seahawks is essentially a playoff game. The Eagles currently sit at a record of 5-4 with an 0-3 record in their division. 5-4 is not the worst record but its not good enough with the division rival Cowboys sitting at 8-1.

Looking back on some of the games that Philly has lost this year they were not blow outs by any means. They were mostly decided by one score, penalty's, and mistakes late in the game. QB Carson Wentz has voiced his opinion on the fact that the Birds have not been able to finish the close games saying everyone is sick to their stomach over these close games.

One of the key things that the Eagles have to do this week to come away with the win is being able to get in the end zone instead of settling for a field goal every time they make a redzone appearance. They also have to consistently hold on to the football throughout the course of the entire game. There has been far to many drops this season for Philadelphia Wide Receivers this season, and in reality those are the things that determine the outcome of a game